Sunday, January 2, 2011

Times of India stooping to a new low - Pornographic articles on its website

Have a look at these screen grabs below and notice pornographic articles published on its website. Open up these links in your browser and check it out yourself. Looks like TOI is competing with itself for stooping lowest on Cultural and Moral values.

President Bush giving middle finger live on TV

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why Federal Reserve of USA means slavery for Life ?

OK, lets understand first what is Federal Reserve of USA and how it works ?

(1) Also known as Central Bank of USA.
(2) It is a Private Corporation (It does not belong to Government).
(3) As being a Private Corporation, it is controlled by some very Powerful Bankers.
(4) It does not come under any Government Law, So Govt. has no legal authority to regulate it.
(5) It makes its own Policies.
(6) Only Federal Reserve has Power and Authority to print Paper Money.
(7) Federal Reserve Loans this Paper Money to Govt. on certain Interest.
(8) So, each and every Note it prints is a Debt to US Govt. because the later is liable to repay original Loan Money + Interest to Federal Reserve.
(9) For Govt., to repay this Loan Money + Interest, they create Business/Job opportunities in the society, which in turn brings in Surplus Money which can be paid back to Federal Reserve. So, this Paper Money is a Debt on US Govt and Common Man.
(10) Now, For the Surplus Money to be available in the market, again, they have to go back to Federal Reserve to print more money. So, more money creates more Debt on the Govt.
(11) So, you can see that for Govt., one time borrowing from Federal Reserve leads to Infinite Debt of money and creates inescapable situation from this Debt Trap for life and Debt keeps piling on, on and on.
(12) I would like you to do one simple test on US Dollar. Take a US Dollar Note or Google it to see the image and try to notice 2 things written on it - One is "FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE" and  the second is "THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBT, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE". First obviously means it belongs to Federal Reserve and not the US Govt. and the Second is related to Gold and Silver on which we will talk later.

Note : In US, you can't settle down your debt or trade in Gold or Silver. We will see this later why.

So, one time borrowing leads to slavery for life.

Based on the article, our next subjects would be like :
  • Why US Govt is interested more in sustaing the war than putting and end to it.
  • What exactly happened in 2007-2008 Economic crash ?
  • 25,000 crore Indian Derivatives fraud and the role of International Bankers.
  • Why does Osama Bin Laden not get caught even after 10 years of US invasion of Afghanistan ?
  • Why exactly 9/11 happened ?
  • India buying 200 Tons of Tungsten mixed Gold from IMF.

And many more...

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