Thursday, December 23, 2010

Famous myths about Narendra Modi

Myth 1 : Modi had applied for US visa but the US cancelled his visa.
Truth : Modi has never applied for US visa.

Myth 2 : Modi is communal.
Truth : Modi never mentions hindu,muslim,sikh,isai in his speechs unlike other leaders including our PM to appease particular section of society.Modi starts his speech with "Gujarat ki 5.5 crore janta ko...".

Myth 3 : Modi presided over Gujarat Riots 2002.
Truth : Congress has been in the power since 2004(almost 7 years) and is the biggest enemy of Modi because of the strong hold of BJP and Modi in Guajrat.If congress had even a single evidence against modi, they would have hanged him right away.They could not find even a single evidence against Modi in last 7 years,which shows that all these are political drama to paint BJP communal and to gain India wide sympathy to be benefited in Lok Sabha elections.And, the result was obvious in 2004 and 2009 Lok Sabha elections.Anyways, Modi has been acquitted both the time - by Nanavati Commision and SC, So there is no question of being presided over.

Myth 4 : Modi abruptly ended his interivew with Karan Thapar because he could not answer the question.
Truth : There was an agreement between Modi and Karan Thapar that he will only ask questions related to developemnt and his future ideas about Gujarat and India.But Karan broke his agreement and directly accused him of being guilty in Gujarat Riots 2002.So, Modi left with the unfinished interview.

Myth 5 : Modi keeps avoiding the interrogation for his alleged role in Gujarat Riots 2002 and thinks he is above the law.
Truth : On 27 March 2010, Modi became the first ever sitting CM in indian history for being interrogated for 10 hours.He never even once tried to avoid the interrogation.There are almost 70 cases of riots in the indian history, starting from 1947 to 2003 but not even a single CM has been interrogated or questioned for riots.

Myth 6 : Nanavati commission acquitted him of all the charges of his involvement in Gujarat Riots 2002 because the Nanavati panel was Modi friendly.
Truth : Modi himself had asked SC to appoint sitting SC judges to participate in the panel but SC did not have any sitting judges at the time so it had alloted retired SC judges for the panel.Remember, Modi had all the authorities under the legal constitution to appoint anybody he liked but he did not do it and made the rulling totally fare and unbaised.

Final Note : Event though the ruling being fare, Teesta and gang not being happy with it,they moved the case to SC.With the latest leaked SIT report,yet again Modi and his Govt. have been acquitted by SC as well.


  1. I think most of the people now know as to how much mud slingging has been done by congress with support of MSM

  2. @Aj. I think Mr.BK Chowla meant MMS(Manmohan Singh)

  3. I think there is lot of usefull information on your blog which shud be known to general public.Planning to float the link of ur blog on my twitter account..

  4. MSM probably means Main stream Media

  5. @Manohar. Hmmmm, I think you are right.Because, in the context, Main Stream Media makes more sense than Manmohan Singh.

  6. MSM is the abbreviation for . MAIN STREAM MEDIA

  7. hey universal energy...where are the new additions ?R u on holidays?i use to njoy ur findings man....keep going...

  8. @Aj. Hi Aj. Give me couple of days and will be back. Bit busy with work.