Friday, December 31, 2010

Why Indian Diplomat revealing internal information to US rather than talking to Govt. of India ?

In a recent Wikileaks cable, one strange thing I noticed which is our own Government Personnel revealing sensitive information to US rather than talking to Govt. of India.

According to a Wikileaks cable, Ambassador K.V. Rajan, former Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs and current Chairman of the Prime Minister’s National Security Advisory Board (NSAB) calls up US Diplomat - Charge Geoffrey Pyatt, and reveals to him that he was invited by the Iranian Embassy.

Excerpts from the cable :

2. (C) Ambassador K.V. Rajan, former Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs and current Chairman of the Prime Minister’s National Security Advisory Board (NSAB), called Charge May 4 for an urgent meeting in which he told Charge that he had been invited by the Iranian Embassy for an all expenses paid trip for “politicians, scholars and commentators.” The list of invitees in a fax from the Iranian Embassy press section included notorious America-critics, such as XXXXXXXXXXXX. The visit was scheduled for April 28-May 4, and the Embassy said the guests would meet Iranian officials, scholars and would visit “one or two Iranian nuclear establishment(s).” Reports this week in the “Asian Age” and “The Hindu” indicate the group visited the Arak Heavy Water Complex and met with Minister of Energy Parviz Fatah.

3. (C) Rajan told Charge that this trip was part of an effort on the part of the Iranian government to encourage anti-American, pro-Muslim scholars and think-tankers in India to influence Prime Minister Singh’s supporters to take a more pro-Iranian, anti-U.S. view, and that his presence on the delegation would have handed Iran a PR coup. In light of his suspicions, Rajan canceled at the last minute, citing a sudden family emergency. Following is the invitee list, which Rajan provided to Charge: (Full Wikileaks Cable)

Now, the important question is why is he revealing our internal information to a US Diplomat instead of talking to Govt. of India ? Does he work for CIA ? Why is Indian Govt. silent on this ? Why is Main Stream Media silent on this ?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

No terrorist can destroy this

Barkha Dutt - Last nail in the coffin

OK, we all saw big drama in past 30 days regarding Nira Radia tapes in which if somebody got stung more than anybody then it was journalists. We saw people blaming journalists and the later defending back to save their image. Among all of these accused, Barkha Dutt was a highly controversial figure. They even organized a discussion between senior journalists and Barkha Dutt in which Barkha had to answer questions and defend herself. Some part of the show was total chaos and people could not get anything out of the discussion between Manu Joseph and Barkha Dutt. At the end of the show, many people even gave her a "Acquitted" certificate because of a benefit of doubt. Now, "Benefit of Doubt" illusion soon is going to be vanished.

First, we will see what she said in her first time defense.

"I did not pass any judgement or act as a go between... Did you confirm with Gulam Nabi Azad whether I contacted him ?...An error of judgement for not publishing news regarding Nira Radia lobbying for DMK and Congress..."

Now, lets see excerpt from one of the new tapes where Barkha Dutt is being referenced. In the tape, Nira Radia is talking to R K Chandolia. Below is the excerpt from the tape.

"Journalists played a key role, says Radia. “Congress ne to statement Thank God issue kar diya. Barkha ne karwaa liyaa us se.” The guy confirms the statement. "Haan woh to maine dekh liya. aa gayaa naa Manish Tewari kaa". Radia is busy speaking to a “minister” at “2 o' clock” lobbying for Raja."

Here is the original audio tape

Now, in the above conversation, we can clearly see that she indeed talked to Congress people and because of which Manish Tiwari had issued a public statement. I wonder why there is no discussion on the issue anymore when we have clear evidence of lobbying/brokering. I think, to close this case like "Jesicca Murder" and "Arushi Murder", they will title it "No one did power brokering". Anyways, it does not require "Rocket Science" to know the truth, at least in this case.

Can you really trust anybody from Congress ?

On Dec 24 2010, Congress Spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi made a claim that "Vasant Kunj" land was given to Nira Radia during NDA regime and hence senior BJP leader Ananth Kumar should resign. OK, so common man like you and me would believe in what Mr. Singhvi said. Why, because he is not some ordinary man. For, why he is not an ordinary man, lets see his Education and Professional life.

Colleges Studied : Cambridge University (UK), Harvard University (USA)

Highest Study Achieved : PhD(Doctorate) from Cambridge University.

Professional Field : India's former High Commissioner to the UK, One of the leading lawyers in India, Was the Youngest designated Senior Advocates in the Supreme Court of India, Former Additional Solicitor General of India.

After looking at all these credentials, one would think he would be a very much responsible Congress spokesperson. But, alas, that belief is going to be shattered badly.

Recent official revelations claims that the land was actually given during the PV Narasimha Rao regime and hence NDA has nothing to do with it as far as land allotment is concerned.

After all these drama, one would really wonder if people like Manu Singhvi having a great credentials who speaks for Contress, lies in public and can be trusted next time.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Barkha Dutt abusing Gujarati People - calling them Traditionally Effete

Barkha Dutt had to literally abuse Gujarati People out of total frustration after NDTV's "Mission Fail" in Gujarat because of Narendra Modi. Watch this video carefully where Barkha Dutt calls Gujaratis a Traditionally Effete People.

What does "effete" mean ?

effete :
-lacking in wholesome vigor; degenerate; decadent: an effete, overrefined society.
-exhausted of vigor or energy; worn out: an effete political force.
-unable to produce; sterile.

She is abusing her own Brothers and Sisters. I have no idea how did she get Padmashri Award ?

India is in Big Trouble

Watch this video and recall all the events which have been happening in India like assassinations of Sanjay Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and others, India in a big debt because of World Bank loans, Big Scams, Why India is still a poor country, Hindu bashing in our own country, Brainwashing of Indian people, Controlled media discriminating our own culture and much more.

This video belongs to a former Economic Hitman who confessed about his role. Those of you who don't know what is an Economic Hitman then watch the video and you will come to know.

Now, think about Sonia Gandhi and past assassinations, Nira Radia and her reach, Media favoring one political party, Big Scams. Does it ring any bell ?

This is the reason, Narendra Modi and others like him are on a hit list.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mosad Assasins Master Card Numbers

Al-Mabhouh, one of the founders of Hamas' military wings, had been wanted by Israel for his role in the 1989 kidnapping and killing of two Israeli soldiers on leave – something that was acknowledged by Hamas last month. He was also accused of smuggling of rockets into Gaza. Because of these reasons, one of the Mosad Agent had executed him in Dubai. So, in below cable, UAE is requesting US for its assistance and mentions Credit Cards used by the agent.

S E C R E T ABU DHABI 000103


E.O. 12958: DECL: 2020/02/24


¶1. (C/NF) On the margins of a meeting with visiting Secretary Chu, on Feb 24 MFA Minister of State Gargash made a formal request to the Ambassador for assistance in providing cardholder details and related information for credit cards reportedly issued by a U.S. bank to several suspects in last month's killing of Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai. According to a letter Gargash gave the Ambassador (which transmitted details of the request from Dubai Security authorities to the UAE Central Bank), the credit cards were issued by MetaBank, in Iowa. Embassy LEGATT is transmitting the request and associated details to FBI HQ. Gargash asked that Embassy pass any reply to the director of the General Directorate of State Security (GDSS) in Dubai.

¶2. (S/NF) Comment: Ambassador requests expeditious handling of and reply to the UAEG request, which was also raised by UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed in a February 23 meeting with
Secretary Clinton in Washington.

¶3. (C/NF) Text of letter from GDSS to the Governor of the UAE Central Bank:

Excellency Sultan Al-Suwiadi

UAE Central Bank Governor

Subject: Credit Cards

MC 5115-2600-1600-6190

MC 5115-2600-1600-5317

MC 5301-3800-3201-7106

General Management of The State Security offers greetings, and asks your Excellency to direct the money laundry and suspicious transactions unit at the Central Bank to urgently obtain details of the above credit cards, in addition to details for purchases, accounts, and payments on those cards, as the users of those cards were involved in the murder of Mahmoud Mabhouh. Those cards were issued by META BANK in the state of Iowa, USA. (Wikileaks Cable)

South Korea gets its World's first Working Robot Teacher

Ali Baba and Chalis Chor

Ukranian belly dancers at Mulayam Singh Yadav's party

Before a President Bush speech, This is what happens

Monday, December 27, 2010

Will NDTV abuse Vishwanathan Anand same as it did to Mr Bachchan

Our chess hero "Vishwanathan Anand" was in Gujarat for some time now to promote Chess. Narendra Modi invited him to Gujarat to promote chess on a Grand Level. First, Anand was a honourable guest at Gujarat's "Khel Mahakumbh" which is India's biggest Sporting Event and this time it even broke the World Record as well by having 16 Lakhs players participating in a single Sporting Event. At the same time, Narendra Modi introduced Chess in Education as a part of Curriculum so that Children start learning it from a fairly early age. And, the last but not least, on 24 Dec 2010, with the help of Anand, Gujarat broke the Guinness Book of World Record by the highest Number of people playing chess at the same time at the same place.

Gujarat Breaking the Guinness Book of World Record in Chess (article)

Now, coming to the point, On 21 Oct 2010, in an interview, NDTV literally abused Mr. Amitabh Bachchan because the later was to promote Gujarat Tourism and that NDTV did not like it. Why ? Because it involves Mr. Narendra Modi and that is enough for NDTV to make "Halla o Bulla".

So, I was wondering whether NDTV is going to abuse Anand the same way it did to Mr. Bachchan. Hang on a minute, I remember something. Anand was already abused by Mr. Kapil Sibal on Citizenship row. See, NDTV does not mind as far as Congress People do its job on behalf of it.

Wikileaks : India suspected of supplying Nuclear Material to Iran

(Original Cable on Wikileaks)

Friday, 07 March 2008, 15:00
S E C R E T STATE 023763
EO 12958 DECL: 03/07/2013
REF: A. 07 STATE 141892 B. 07 STATE 158831 C. 07 NEW DELHI 5058 D. 07 NEW DELHI 5107 E. 07 STATE 167377 F. 07 NEW DELHI 5333 G. LOWE E-MAIL (JAN 02 2008)

1. (U) This is an action request. Please see paragraph 6.

2. (S) Background: In October 2007, we shared with Indian officials information indicating that India's XXXXXXXXXXXX had offered French-origin, MTCR-controlled graphite blocks to Iran's Ward Commercial Company (Ref A). Ward had previously been involved in the procurement of items on behalf of the Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group (SHIG - Iran's primary liquid propellant ballistic missile developer).

3. (S) In November, we learned that XXXXXXXXXXXX was working to ship additional consignments of graphite to Ward, and that Indian officials were holding a shipment of potentially nuclear-grade graphite blocks in the Air Cargo Complex at the international airport in Mumbai (Ref B). We expressed our concerns to the GOI about the possible imminent release of this graphite for onward shipment to Iran, and also advised Indian officials that XXXXXXXXXXXX was readying follow-on shipments of graphite for Ward. In response to our concerns, Indian officials told us that they had begun an investigation of this matter, and that the shipment would not go forward until their investigation was complete (Refs C & D).

First video of Indian Media making a fatal mistake in Mumbai 26/11 by airing information of Taj hostages live on TV

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Times of India caught red handed publishing morphed photo of Kareena Kapoor

On 9th May 2009, TOI had published Kareena Kapoor's Morphed Photo. Look at her face.

Now, have a look at the original photo of Jeniffer Lopez

Today, I tried to search this photo again with the search title "Draped Desires" but could not find it, which means TOI has removed the photo from its archives.

Question to TOI : What was its purpose to stoop down so low ?

Why ISRAEL is almost UNTOUCHABLE, even by USA.

OK, lets start with the Federal Reserve of USA because it is a backbone of everything in the world.

Federal Reserve of USA :
  • Also known as Central Bank of USA.
  • It is a biggest Private Corporation in the world (It is not Government Institution as lot of people are under the impression of).
  • It does not come under any Government Law, So Government has no legal authority to regulate it.
  • It makes its OWN POLICIES.
  • It has POWER TO PRINT Unlimited Money (Almost).
  • Take US Dollar Note for example, It has "Federal Reserve Note" written on it. Which means the paper money belongs to the Federal Reserve and not the US Government.
  • Federal Reserve loans these Paper Money to US Government on Interest. Which means every note it prints is a Debt on US Government and in turn that Debt comes on to the common man to repay. So, in the end of the day, US Govt. and Common Man are Liable to pay Original Money + Interest back to Federal Reserve. So, Paper Money is a Burden on Govt. and Common Man.
Now, lets see who controls this "Federal Reserve" :
  • It was founded in 1913.
  • 4 MEN are the main founders as below : 
          (1) J D Rockefeller
          (2) J P Morgan
          (3) Paul Warburg
          (4) Rothschild

OK, now lets see the Religious Faith and Power of these 4 men :

(1) J D Rockefeller and Family
Faith : Jewish

(2) J P Morgan and Family
Faith : Still a mystery

(3) Paul Warburg
Faith : Jewish

(4) Baron Rothschild
Faith : Jewish

All combined wealth and power : It is believed to be in Trillions of dollars (Don't get confused with the wealth they show in any magazine or media). This is one of the Elite groups which control almost everything from Media to Governments not only in USA but almost all Countries. These are the main players who had a very big role in creating a separate Israel country. Jews have had and still have a very high influence on Federal Reserve of USA, Wall Street and so, on the US Government (Don't forget that these Presidents are just puppets put in place by these Giants. Jews don't just have influence but they are more than that. We will talk more about this later). So, in short, they control the Flaw of Money, Flaw of Money controls everything including the Govt.

So, these Elite groups control the Federal Reserve of USA, Federal Reserve of USA controls the Wall Street, Wall Street controls the US Government, US Government controls the Whole World.

That is why, ISRAEL is untouchable.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

India does not have much time left

Wikileaks : Israel bombed Syrian nuclear reactor (Well, Iran could be next)

Source : Ronen Bergman (Israeli investigative journalist and author)

Cable leaked to WikiLeaks website, but yet to be published, is first and detailed confirmation of attack on Syrian nuclear facility. Document, revealed by Yedioth Ahronoth, was sent by then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to US representatives worldwide

This cable is included in documents leaked to the WikiLeaks website and revealed Friday by Yedioth Ahronoth's Ronen Bergman before its official publication on the website.

The document is in fact a first official and detailed confirmation of the attack, starting with the intelligence collected before the strike, the cooperation between Israel and the United States, the troubling and harsh conclusions shared by both countries, the Israeli government's decision to bomb Syria and the fear that President Bashar Assad would launch a war in response.

"We have delayed sharing this information with you, because our first concern was to prevent conflict," Rice explained.

Satellite image of reactor before bombing (Archive photo: AP)

The first part of the memo details unprecedented information. "I want to inform you that the purpose of that Israeli mission was to destroy a clandestine nuclear reactor that Syria was constructing in its eastern desert near a place we call al-Kibar," the secretary of state wrote.

"The Israeli mission was successful - the reactor was damaged beyond repair. Syria has completed efforts to clean up the site and destroy evidence of what was really there, constructing a new building on the old site.

"We believe - based on strong evidence - that North Korea assisted Syria with the reactor...We have now decided that the time has come to share more information on this issue," Rice wrote.

Rice elaborates on the intelligence information that preceded the attack. "Our intelligence experts are confident that the facility the Israelis targeted was in fact a nuclear reactor of the same type North Korea built indigenously at its Yongbyon nuclear facility," she wrote.

"The US intelligence community conducted an intensive, months-long effort to confirm and corroborate the information Israel provided us on the reactor and to gather more details from our own sources and methods"

The secretary of state added that the intelligence information was solid. "We have good reason to believe this reactor was not intended for peaceful purposes," she wrote. "First, we assess this reactor was configured to produce plutonium: it was not configured for power production, was isolated from any civilian population, and was ill-suited for research.

"Second, Second, Syria went to great pains to keep this secret by taking very careful steps to conceal the true nature of the site. Third, by maintaining secrecy and not declaring the
site to the IAEA and providing design information, as Syria's NPT-mandated IAEA safeguards agreement requires, Syria undermined the very purpose of IAEA safeguards - to provide the international community with the necessary assurance/verification that the reactor was part of a peaceful program"

Rice concluded by saying that "Syria's concealment and lies about what happened for months now after the Israeli air strike is compelling proof that it has something to hide. In fact, after the attack on the site, Syria went to great lengths to clean up the site and destroy evidence of what was really there. If there were nothing to hide, Syria presumably would have invited
IAEA inspectors, other experts, and the news media to the site to prove that."

Friday, December 24, 2010

Dr Swamy asks PM to remove Kapil Sibal as Telecom Minister

Source : TOI

25 Dec 2010, Janata Dal president Subramanian Swamy has asked PM Manmohan Singh for telecom minister Kapil Sibal's dismissal by January 1, failing which, he has threatened to move the courts. When TOI made attempts to reach Sibal, the call went unanswered .

Making his plea on grounds of serious conflict of interest, Swamy has enclosed with his letter, three Supreme Court cases as evidence that Sibal "as legal counsel has represented Reliance and terrorist and proclaimed offender Dawood Ibrahim" .

"It is a strict convention in jurisprudence that if an advocate represent a client, then he should not sit in judgment over a case in another matter of the same client . Reliance is an interested party in the 2G Spectrum scam, where there is an ongoing CBI investigation, a criminal complaint pending , and a demand to cancel the licences awarded toReliance Communications and its front companies. Dawood Ibrahim's interest are involved in 2G Spectrum matter because of the Home Ministry objections to Shahid Balwas of Dynamix Balwas (DB) which company is now a part of Etisalat DB," Swamy writes.

Swamy says that Sibal's "two sons as advocates are representing telecom companies which have received the ill-gotten 2G spectrum licences" . "By the SC judgment in Subramanian Swamy vs Election Commission regarding Mr T N Seshan, even a relative's connection calls for a person sitting in judgment recusing himself from the case. Hence Mr Sibal must recuse himself from the MCIT otherwise there will be another scandal on your lap. Despite my highest regards for your integrity and knowing the situation you are in, I shall have to move the courts if you do not take a decision in this matter by January 1st 2011," Swamy writes.

Historical Facts about Sonia Gandhi with proof

Source : Dr. Surbramaniam Swamy

Her real name is Antonia not Sonia. This was revealed by the Italian Ambassador in New Delhi in a letter dated April 27, 1983 to the Union Home Ministry which letter has not been made public. Antonia is Sonia’s real name as stated in her birth certificate.

Sonia Gandhi lies about his education and says she has studied at Cambridge University but the fact is She has never studied at Cambridge University.First is her resume she filed for her Rae Bareli constituency and the second is the later from Cambridge University stating that the person named "Sonia Gandhi" has never studied at Cambridge University.

An unofficial translation of V.Chebrikov, KGB Chief’s,letter to the Central Committee of Communist Party of Soviet Union regarding payment to Rajiv Gandhi’s family.

Pioneer article on Ottavio Quattrocchi’s money laundering (Sonia’s close friend) dt. 21.12.2000.

In January 1980, Indira Gandhi returned as Prime Minister. The first thing Sonia did was to enroll herself as a voter. This was a gross violation of the law, enough to cause cancellation of her visa [since she was admittedly an Italian citizen then]. There was some hullabaloo in the press about it, so the Delhi Chief Electoral Officer got her name deleted in 1982. But in January 1983, she again enrolled herself as a voter even while as a foreigner [she first applied for citizenship in April 1983]

An article in Hindu dt.3.2.98 regarding Antique shop run by Sonia Gandhi’s family in Orbassano and Proceeings in the Delhi High Court regarding the Antique smuggling case by Dr.Subramanian Swamy.Below is the business card of her family.

Dr.Subramanian Swamy’s letter to the then Union Finance Minister Mr.Yeshwant Sinha regarding Rahul Gandhi’s foreign bank a/c and the acknowledgement of the letter by the Minister.

Dr.Subramanian Swamy’s letter to Director, CBI enclosing a news item in Indian Express regarding receipt of funds by Congress Party from Saddam Hussain.

Dr.Subramanian Swamy’s letter to President of India seeking disqualification of Rahul Gandhi under Article 102(d) & (e) r/w Section 9(1) of the Citizenship Act (1955) and also a news clippings from hindu dt.30.9.2001 regarding detention of Rahul Gandhi from FBI and Telegraph article dated 23.7.2004 regarding Rahul Gandhi’s educational qualification.

Congress does it again - Now appoints tainted CIC after CVC P J Thomas

Source : Daily Pioneer

After the Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC), the selection and appointment of the Chief Information Comm-issioner (CIC) and Information Commissioners have come under the judicial scanner.

Issuing notice to the Centre on a petition filed by Right to Information (RTI) activist Arvind Kejriwal, the Supreme Court has sought a response to the allegations of arbitrariness, nepotism and mala fide practices in appointing the CIC and Information Commissioners since 2005, when the RTI Act came into effect.

What has come as another embarrassment to the Government is the apex court’s questioning of the appointments made at the highest level by a high-power selection committee, chaired by the Prime Minister. Earlier, Kejriwal failed to convince the Delhi High Court to hear his plea. The appeal has been entertained by the Supreme Court against the order of dismissal passed by the high court on October 20.

Since enactment of the RTI Act, 2005, a CIC and 12 Information Commissioners have been appointed by the PM-chaired committee, which also comprises Leader of the Opposition and a Cabinet Minister nominated by the PM.

Kejriwal’s petition demanded an elaborate set of rules to govern the process of identifying, shortlisting and forwarding names for CIC appointments which has, by far, remained the exclusive preserve of the Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) — the nodal Ministry administering CIC.

Kejriwal’s petition noted that on April 6, 2009, DoPT forwarded the name of Omita Paul as Information Commissioner and it was endorsed by the committee. Paul has been working with Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee for three decades, so her name was cleared just before breaking for parliamentary elections.

With Mukherjee returning to the Finance Ministry, Paul joined as his adviser. She tendered her resignation on June 26, 2009, and the Information Commissioner’s post lay vacant till November 2009.

What’s worse is how DoPT assumed the powers of the selection committee while the PM-headed panel was reduced to merely an endorsement body. Some of the Information Commissioners appointed in the past were not recommended in the list prepared by DoPT, while many DoPT Secretaries got their names included in the list sent to the selection committee.

The petition pointed out that in August 2008, six shortlisted names were sent for approval to the PM-led committee. One of the lesser known members who made a surprise entry into the list was Annapurna Dixit, widow of former National Security Adviser JN Dixit.

The final list also included one SN Mishra, who was nowhere in the running for the post. The then DoPT Secretary, he forwarded his own name to the committee.

This is not the first such instance of conflict of interest. In October 2005, when the first round of appointments was made, AN Tiwari — who had been entrusted with the task of preparing the list — added his own name and succeeded to the post, ensuring a term of five years.

In the absence of rules for selection and appointment governing CIC, Kejriwal cited instances of how the Government was parking its favoured officials, who have had a past history of opposing transparency in Government functioning, thus rendering the Act futile.

As DoPT Secretary, Tiwari was the officer who recommended “file noting” to be excluded from the ambit of information. With just three months for him to retire, he was promoted to CIC by the Centre, causing the petitioner to doubt if the post of the CIC was gradually dying a slow death.

Finding the allegations worth examining, a Bench of Justices DK Jain and HL Dattu issued notice to DoPT, seeking their response in four weeks. The matter — expected to be taken up on reopening of the apex court — has come at a time when the Centre is already defending the appointment of CVC PJ Thomas, whose name was pushed by a committee chaired by PM despite a criminal case pending against him.

George Bush Junior - The funniest ever president in the history of the planet Earth

Gujarat is attempting a Guinness book of world record in chess

24 Dec 2010
Source : DeshGujarat

Live Webcast

As many as 20,000 students and 1,200 masters will gather at Ahmedabad’s Gujarat University ground today at around 5.00 pm and play a game of chess simultaneously to break Mexico’s Guinness world record of the largest number of people playing the game together at the same time. A lady adjudicator from Guinness Book arrived in the city from London on Thursday. Each master will take on 20 players. Another 200 masters will be on stand by.

The record-breaking event is being held by Gujarat State Chess Association, NIIT and the Gujarat government’s arm Gujarat Sports Authority after preparations of 10 months. The Gujarat University ground has been divided into 64 squares with 320 participants in one square. From top of the GMDC building it looks like a big chess board.

El Zocalo, Mexico City’s central square, had set the record when 13,446 players had assembled to play chess on October 21, 2006. Former world champion Anatoly Karpov was the guest of honour in Mexico while Ahmedabad will have current world champion Viswanathan Anand.

Dr Swamy to press in Delhi : CBI should investigate Rahul Gandhi for ISI links

Thursday, December 23, 2010

CNN-IBN accusing Modi of attempting an image make-over

On Dec 22, 2010, CNN-IBN carries an article(original source) saying "Modi's book an attempt at image make-over?"

The bais minded article was in response to Modi's Book launch on Climate Change.The author says that by writting on Climate Change, Hindu hardliner-Modi is attempting an image make-over.Ok, so let's talk about CNN-IBN and Media first.

CNN-IBN twitter/comment fiasco (article) ! Remember ?
Ok,so,let us remind CNN-IBN of recent twitter/comment fiasco where Rajdeep Sardesai had to tender an apology for it.An apology ? yes, thats what I call an image make-over when you commit a crime and try to cover up.

Nira Radia tapes ! Remember ?
In Nira Radia Scandal, our beloved Media brothers/sisters are caught red handed for lobbying/favoring parties.So, for cover up, Rajdeep and other media people got together in "Media's Guild" program and started explaing about media ethics and etc etc.Some media houses even organized some discussions as well to prove their innocence.So, thats what we call an image make-over when you oraganize these kind of disscussions to cover up your guilt and fool common man more.

Narendra Modi trying for image make-over ! Really ?
(1)This is the same Modi who went underground and fought for Media and common-man in 1974-1977,when Indira Gandhi declared emergency to shut Media houses so that the later don't expose more scams of the congress party.And this is the same Media who has been continuosly trying to haunt Modi down by abusing anyway they like for past 8 years without success.

(2)This is the same Media who just gave a patethic applogy or kind of disscussion to cover up its face,when they were caught red handed in Nira Radia Scandal.How would they feel if somebody will start haunting them down for next 8 years with fierce attack and abuse continuosly.

(3)I think, somebody really needs to teach CNN-IBN the difference between "Image Make-Over" and "Dynamic".Modi is a dynamic leader who has proved time and again and does not need an lousy image make-over.

(4)For Modi,action speaks louder than words but in case of Media, words speak louder than action - The media poeple kicking and screeming in the studio.Thats why the word "Fair Trail" has been replaced by the "Media Trial".

(5)Media is in big trouble because its bread earner "Modi" has been acqitted from all charges.I don't know what is Media gonna do ? Who will be the next traget ? YOU ?

Note : Long before, there was a Hindutan Times summit in which Rajdeep asked Modi whether the later was attempting an image make-over in the name of development.And, now, once again his colleague did the samething by accusing Modi attempting an image makeover in the name of climate change. I think CNN-IBN is suffering from "Image Make-Over" syndrome and its English dictionary points them to the same word "Image Makeover" again and again.I think its time to gift them a new English dictionary in which words and definations are loud and clear.

Famous myths about Narendra Modi

Myth 1 : Modi had applied for US visa but the US cancelled his visa.
Truth : Modi has never applied for US visa.

Myth 2 : Modi is communal.
Truth : Modi never mentions hindu,muslim,sikh,isai in his speechs unlike other leaders including our PM to appease particular section of society.Modi starts his speech with "Gujarat ki 5.5 crore janta ko...".

Myth 3 : Modi presided over Gujarat Riots 2002.
Truth : Congress has been in the power since 2004(almost 7 years) and is the biggest enemy of Modi because of the strong hold of BJP and Modi in Guajrat.If congress had even a single evidence against modi, they would have hanged him right away.They could not find even a single evidence against Modi in last 7 years,which shows that all these are political drama to paint BJP communal and to gain India wide sympathy to be benefited in Lok Sabha elections.And, the result was obvious in 2004 and 2009 Lok Sabha elections.Anyways, Modi has been acquitted both the time - by Nanavati Commision and SC, So there is no question of being presided over.

Myth 4 : Modi abruptly ended his interivew with Karan Thapar because he could not answer the question.
Truth : There was an agreement between Modi and Karan Thapar that he will only ask questions related to developemnt and his future ideas about Gujarat and India.But Karan broke his agreement and directly accused him of being guilty in Gujarat Riots 2002.So, Modi left with the unfinished interview.

Myth 5 : Modi keeps avoiding the interrogation for his alleged role in Gujarat Riots 2002 and thinks he is above the law.
Truth : On 27 March 2010, Modi became the first ever sitting CM in indian history for being interrogated for 10 hours.He never even once tried to avoid the interrogation.There are almost 70 cases of riots in the indian history, starting from 1947 to 2003 but not even a single CM has been interrogated or questioned for riots.

Myth 6 : Nanavati commission acquitted him of all the charges of his involvement in Gujarat Riots 2002 because the Nanavati panel was Modi friendly.
Truth : Modi himself had asked SC to appoint sitting SC judges to participate in the panel but SC did not have any sitting judges at the time so it had alloted retired SC judges for the panel.Remember, Modi had all the authorities under the legal constitution to appoint anybody he liked but he did not do it and made the rulling totally fare and unbaised.

Final Note : Event though the ruling being fare, Teesta and gang not being happy with it,they moved the case to SC.With the latest leaked SIT report,yet again Modi and his Govt. have been acquitted by SC as well.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Narendra Modi and Nira Radia along with Ratan Tata

Photos of Narendra Modi and Nira Radia along with Ratan Tata and his team : A fuel to the recent controversy

Some indigestible facts about Gujarat Riots 2002

(1) On 28 February 2002 , The entire police force of 70,000 had been deployed in Gujarat, in the view of apprehensions that riots may break out.

(2) On Feb 27, the state government had deployed the Rapid Action Force in Ahmedabad and other sensitive areas and the Centre sent in the CRPF personnel.

(3) Riots began in Ahmedabad on Feb 28 at 11 AM . Modi informally requested the Centre for deployment of Army at 12-00 noon i.e. within 1 hour.One column of troops reached Ahmedabad at 2-30 AM on 1st March and staged a flag march the same morning at 9 AM.

(4) The then Defence Minister George Fernandes was in Ahmedabad at 2-00 Am on 1st March on Modi's request and was bravely on Ahmedabad's streets that morning (1st March) at a great personal risk.

(5) The Army units, frantically called by the Chief Minister - Narendra Modi, started arriving in Ahmedabad. This shows that some Army units reached Ahmedabad so quickly on Feb 28.

(6) Out of 18,600 villages, 240 towns and 25 district headquarters, hardly 60 places saw riots.

(7) In the first three days, Gujarat police shot dead 98 rioters - majority of whom were Hindus. On 1st March, At least 10 people have been killed in police firing in Ahmedabad alone by evening (of Feb 28). Police shot dead 20 people in Gujarat out of which 12 in Ahmedabad on 1st March. 77 more people have been killed in Police/Army firing on 2nd March.

(8) Contrary to popular belief that only Muslims have been affected in the recent riots, more than 10,000 people belonging to the Hindu community had also become homeless.

(9) Hindu victims in Ahmedabad were not only homeless but they did not even have relief camps to live in, and hence had to live in temples.

(10) A series of attacks by Muslims on policemen had further added to mutual lack of faith. Now strapped with the anti-Muslim label, the was slow in acting against Muslim fanatics.

(11) Gujarat police saved 2,500 Muslims from certain death in Sanjeli, North Gujarat on 1st March 2002. Like Sanjeli, 5,000 Muslims were also saved in Bodeli town in Vadodara district by the police and Thousands of Muslims were also saved in Viramgam town from 15,000 armed Hindus by police and the Army.

(12) Throughout Gujarat riots, there are only two instances of real anti-Muslim riots-The Ehsan Jafri case and the Naroda Patiya case. In the Ehsan Jafri case, the police shot dead 5 Hindus outside his house and saved the lives of more than 200 Muslims. There were 250 people inside Jafri's house and the mob killed 39 - with police saving more than 200 - despite being overwhelmingly numbered by the rioters who were more than 10,000.

(13) There have been 4 convictions of Muslims for rioting after Godhra and Muslims were given various sentences. 4 Muslims were convicted by a Vadodara fast track court on 16 October 2003 and given life imprisonment. Ex-Vadodara Deputy Mayor and Congress leader Nisar Bapu was acquitted, but his son and son-in-law were convicted. 9 and 7 Muslims were convicted in two separate judgments on 18 and 28 March 2006 by fast track courts in Ahmedabad. The conviction of Muslims proves that Muslims were equally on the offensive.

The state government handled the riots effeciently and controlled them in 3 days, while riots continued in Gujarat for 6 months in 1969 and 1985 under Congress rule in which close to 10,000 people each were killed.The anti-sikh riots saw a large number of Sikhs getting killed by congress workers but not even a single contress worker was killed, why ?

These are some of the hard facts continuously ignored by main stream media.

Message : Regardless of our faith, most of us indians belong to the same one of the oldest continuous civilization which is Indus Valley civilization. Changing your faith does not make you change your real identity.So, next time, before you be fanatic toward certain faiths,be remembered of being a civilian of Indus Valley Civilization.

Sonia Gandhi exposed by Dr. Subramaniam Swamy

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wikileaks : US threatened to create a retaliation list if EU continued to ban BIO-TECH food (BT seeds)

In a recent WikiLeaks revelation, the then-US Ambassador to France Craig Roberts Stapleton threatened creating a list of retaliations if France and the EU continued to ban biotech seeds. (original Wikileaks cable)

(C) Summary: Mission Paris recommends that that the USG reinforce our negotiating position with the EU on agricultural biotechnology by publishing a retaliation list when the extend "Reasonable Time Period" expires.In our view, Europe is moving backwards not forwards on this issue with France playing a leading role, along with Austria, Italy and even the Commission. In France, the "Grenelle" environment process is being implemented to circumvent science-based decisions in favor of an assessment of the "common interest." Combined with the precautionary principle, this is a precedent with implications far beyond MON-810 BT corn cultivation. Moving to retaliation will make clear that the current path has real costs to EU interests and could help strengthen European pro-biotech voices. In fact, the pro-biotech side in France -- including within the farm union -- have told us retaliation is the only way to begin to begin to turn this issue in France. End Summary.

What does it mean for India ? BT Bringle ! sounds fimiliar ?

There was a very big hue and cry against the use of BT Bringle in India. Our Environment and Forest minister Mr.Jairam Ramesh was very insistant to bring BT Bringle into Indian Market without success.He had to face a very fierce protest from all walks of people including yog guru Shri Baba Ramdev.

Mr.Jairam Ramesh's Defence to use BT : He said that because of India's growing population and poverty, we should start using BT seeds to increase production.But the fact is that 25% of the cultivated food does not reach the destination and goes into garbage because of our poor transport and infrastructure system.

So, we can assume that US must have threatened(by sam,dam,dand,bhed) india as well if it does not start using Genetically Modified seeds like BT Bringle.This time it was unsuccessful but in future, US may and will do the same thing.

Note : We have been using BT Cotton already but its different from BT Bringle as it is a edible food product and may create health hezards because of its altered genetic structure and may not be good for the soil as well.

Sonia Gandhi's lie goes unnoticed in Main Stream Media

In a recent wikileaks cable, it is mentioned that how sonia gandhi opened up herself to California's first lady Maria Shriver and had a candid chat about lot of things.

In this chat, Sonia Gandhi mentions about how she turned down the PM post in 2004 and did not regret about it and felt better when somebody became PM.

Here is the excerpt of the Wikileaks cable(original source):

Turning Down the PM Spot

5. (C)Mrs. Gandhi was reluctant to provide details regarding her decision to turn down the Prime Minister post after the UPA’s surprise 2004 electoral victory, stating that “I am often asked about this, but tell people that I will write a book someday with the whole story.” She would only say that she “felt better” that someone else became PM and “did not regret” her decision. Shriver congratulated Mrs. Gandhi for her resoluteness and described her as “courageous.” Clearly embarrassed by this adulation, Mrs. Gandhi made no response. She elaborated, at Karan Singh’s insistence, saying that she was under lots of pressure, as the “party workers” were “very upset.” They “could not understand” why she, as party President, was not taking up the post, since they had voted for her and won a majority.

Now, here is the truth on why Sonia Gandhi could not become PM in 2004:

On, May 15 2004, Dr.Subramaniam Swamy filed a petition in SC to challenge Sonia Gandhi's willingness to become PM in 2004.The reason to file a petition was that Sonia Gandhi was a conditional citizen of india in 2004 and under the law of constitution a person being a conditional citizen of india can not hold the hightest post of the country.And that is the reason SC had to disqualify his candidature for PM and she had to clear her way for Dr.Manmohan Singh to become PM.

I want to ask a very simple question to main stream media that why there are silent on this lie ?

Teesta Setalvad Exposed by her very close colleague Rais Khan

In the very first confession of Teesta's very close colleague Rais Khan, you will see how he and Teesta cooked up stories of Gujarat Riots 2002.

Monday, December 20, 2010

NDTV publishes a misleading news of BJP using bombs in protest

NDTV publishes a misleading news regarding bjp hurled bombs while protesting in kolkata on prise rise and other issues is as below :

On November 30, 2010 17:32 IST, NDTV publishes an article (original source) on BJP using bombs while protesting in kolkata on prise rise and other issues.So, I was wondering whether BJP really used bombs in protest because its not that easy to make bombs and get away with it.Bomb making activity is not a civilian act but comes under severe criminal activities.So, To prove my point, I tried to find pictures of BJP hurling bombs in the protest but I could not find even a single picture or video in which bjp is hurling bombs.

Here is the TOI article (original source) in which TOI provides an argument from BJP side to prove its innocence and not like NDTV printing totally baseless one sided news.

Here is the video of timesnow in which they don't mention bombs or show footage of using bombs.

Here is its own NDTV video in which they don't mention bombs or show footage of using bombs.

I have two questions to NDTV :

(1)Why NDTV failed to provide even a single evidence against BJP using bombs ?
(2)Does NDTV publish news without any proof backing the article ?

I think, NDTV must be aware of falsely alleging somebody of using bombs or indulging in bomb making activities is a severe criminal act.

First video of president Bush being informed about first 9/11 plane attack

The Obama Deception

This video is about how the whole world is controlled by few powerful and rich groups where Government is just a puppet put in power by the groups.In this video, you will see how this puppet Government becomes a subject of deception to general public and the public gets fooled easily by the Government.

This is a must watch video which will change the way you think or the way you see the whole world and its governance.There is nothing about caste or religion or country or people but its all about money and power leads to manipulation and the prey is common men.

Hindus, don't have a heart attack because of INDIAN MEDIA

Who owns media in India?

Recent Gujarat election have witnessed unaccountable money paid to media people both, print and electronic by Saudi Arabia to discredit Modi and the Hindutva forces, which Media did very faithfully without success. Most of the media is controlled by Christian missionary groups or CIA.

The rest of the media is controlled by Gulf muslims.

There are several major publishing groups in India, the most prominent among them are:

Times of India Group,
the Indian Express Group,
the Hindustan Times Group,
The Hindu group,
the Anandabazar Patrika Group,
the Eenadu Group,
the Malayalam Manorama Group,
the Mathrubhumi group,
the Sahara group, the Bhaskar group,
and the Dainik Jagran group.

Let us see the ownership of different media agencies.

NDTV: A very popular TV news media is funded by Gospels of Charity in Spain supports Communism. Recently it has developed a soft corner towards Pakistan because Pakistan President has allowed only this channel to be aired in Pakistan. Indian CEO Prannoy Roy is co-brother of Prakash Karat, General Secretary of Communist party of India. His wife and Brinda Karat are sisters. India Today is now bought by NDTV and is a Hindu bashing media.

CNN-IBN: This is 100 percent funded by Southern Baptist Church with its branches all over the world with HQ in US. The Church annually allocates $800 million for promotion of its channel. Its Indian head is Rajdeep Sardesai and his wife Sagarika Ghosh.

Times group list:
Times Of India, Mid-Day, Nav-Bharth Times, Stardust , Femina, Vijaya Times, Vijaya Karnataka, Times now (24- hour news channel) and many more. Times Group is owned by Bennet & Coleman. 'World Christian Council' does 80 percent of the Funding, and an Englishman and an Italian equally share balance of 20 percent. The Italian Robertio Mindo is a close relative of Sonia Gandhi.

Star TV: It is run by an Australian, who is supported by St. Peters Pontifical Church Melbourne.

Hindustan Times: Owned by Birla Group, but hands have changed since Shobana Bhartiya took over. Presently, it is working in Collobration with Times Group.

The Hindu: English daily, started over 125 years has been recently taken over by Joshua Society, Berne, Switzerland. N.Ram's wife is a Swiss national.

Indian Express: The Indian Express and new Indian Express (southern edition)ACTS Christian Ministries have major stake in the IndianExpress and the new Indian Express.

Eeenadu: Still to date controlled by an Indian named Ramoji Rao. Ramoji Rao is connected with film industry and owns a huge studio in Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Jyothi: The Muslim party of Hyderabad known as MIM along with a Congress Minister has purchased this Telgu daily very recently.

The Statesman: It is controlled by Communist Party of India.

Kairal TV: It is controlled by Communist party of India (Marxist)

Mathrubhoomi: Leaders of Muslim League and Communist leaders have major investment.

Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle: owned by a Saudi Arabian Company with its chief Editor M.J. Akbar.

Gujrat riots which took place in 2002 where Hindus were burnt alive, Rajdeep Sardesai and Bharkha Dutt working for Star TV at time got around 5 Million Dollars from Saudi Arabia to cover only Muslim victims which they did very faithfully. Not a single Hindu family they covered whose near and dear ones had been burnt alive, it is reported. Recently OUTLOOK also carried the photos of relatives of muslim victims of Hyderabad blast.

Tarun Tejpal of regularly gets flat checks from Arab countries to target BJP and Hindus only, it is said.

Malyayamanorama and the Deepika are owned by CIA and locally represented by Kerala Christians.

The ownership explains the control of media in India by foreigners. The result is obvious.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wikileaks : Now, on a mission of laugh

Wikileaks : UPA is deeply interested in appeasing its Muslim and Left Front

Friday, 04 May 2007, 11:42
C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 NEW DELHI 002142 
EO 12958 DECL: 05/04/2017 
Classified By: Charge Geoffrey Pyatt for Reasons 1.4 (B,D)
1. (C) This cable contains an action request for SCA. Please see paragraph 6.
New Iranian Mischief
2. (C) Ambassador K.V. Rajan, former Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs and current Chairman of the Prime Minister’s National Security Advisory Board (NSAB), called Charge May 4 for an urgent meeting in which he told Charge that he had been invited by the Iranian Embassy for an all expenses paid trip for “politicians, scholars and commentators.” The list of invitees in a fax from the Iranian Embassy press section included notorious America-critics, such as XXXXXXXXXXXX. The visit was scheduled for April 28-May 4, and the Embassy said the guests would meet Iranian officials, scholars and would visit “one or two Iranian nuclear establishment(s).” Reports this week in the “Asian Age” and “The Hindu” indicate the group visited the Arak Heavy Water Complex and met with Minister of Energy Parviz Fatah.
3. (C) Rajan told Charge that this trip was part of an effort on the part of the Iranian government to encourage anti-American, pro-Muslim scholars and think-tankers in India to influence Prime Minister Singh’s supporters to take a more pro-Iranian, anti-U.S. view, and that his presence on the delegation would have handed Iran a PR coup. In light of his suspicions, Rajan canceled at the last minute, citing a sudden family emergency. Following is the invitee list, which Rajan provided to Charge:
India Seeks U.S. Help
4. (C) To counter this new and worrying effort to reach out to Indian opinion makers, Rajan proposed a visit to the United States starting May 14 in his NSAB capacity for five to seven days to talk to officials, think tanks, and the intelligence community to discuss ways to understand better U.S. assessments of Iran. He would expect this to feed into NSAB discussion of Iran policy options.
5. (C) Rajan’s analysis of Iranian intentions to influence PM Singh’s domestic constituencies is deeply worrying and spot-on, and confirms what we have been reporting. Rajan also noted stepped up Iranian funding to sympathetic Shia clerics. The United Progressive Alliance government is deeply interested in appeasing its Muslim and Left Front
NEW DELHI 00002142 002 OF 002
supporters, and is concerned about the outcome of elections in Uttar Pradesh state, where a large number of Muslim constituents reside. We see evidence that Iran has been buying off journalists, clerics and editors in Shia-populated areas of Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir, doling out large sums to stoke anti-Americanism. Now, it seems Iran is focusing squarely on influential elite audiences in Delhi, with a view to shaping the debate of India’s IAEA policy and the nuclear deal.
6. (C) To counter this insidious new Iranian effort, we recommend Rajan receive meetings, if possible, with: