Monday, December 27, 2010

Will NDTV abuse Vishwanathan Anand same as it did to Mr Bachchan

Our chess hero "Vishwanathan Anand" was in Gujarat for some time now to promote Chess. Narendra Modi invited him to Gujarat to promote chess on a Grand Level. First, Anand was a honourable guest at Gujarat's "Khel Mahakumbh" which is India's biggest Sporting Event and this time it even broke the World Record as well by having 16 Lakhs players participating in a single Sporting Event. At the same time, Narendra Modi introduced Chess in Education as a part of Curriculum so that Children start learning it from a fairly early age. And, the last but not least, on 24 Dec 2010, with the help of Anand, Gujarat broke the Guinness Book of World Record by the highest Number of people playing chess at the same time at the same place.

Gujarat Breaking the Guinness Book of World Record in Chess (article)

Now, coming to the point, On 21 Oct 2010, in an interview, NDTV literally abused Mr. Amitabh Bachchan because the later was to promote Gujarat Tourism and that NDTV did not like it. Why ? Because it involves Mr. Narendra Modi and that is enough for NDTV to make "Halla o Bulla".

So, I was wondering whether NDTV is going to abuse Anand the same way it did to Mr. Bachchan. Hang on a minute, I remember something. Anand was already abused by Mr. Kapil Sibal on Citizenship row. See, NDTV does not mind as far as Congress People do its job on behalf of it.

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  1. @ndtv has lost all moral ground to take on Anand or AB.What is the status and credibility of @ndtv now?ZERO