Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some indigestible facts about Gujarat Riots 2002

(1) On 28 February 2002 , The entire police force of 70,000 had been deployed in Gujarat, in the view of apprehensions that riots may break out.

(2) On Feb 27, the state government had deployed the Rapid Action Force in Ahmedabad and other sensitive areas and the Centre sent in the CRPF personnel.

(3) Riots began in Ahmedabad on Feb 28 at 11 AM . Modi informally requested the Centre for deployment of Army at 12-00 noon i.e. within 1 hour.One column of troops reached Ahmedabad at 2-30 AM on 1st March and staged a flag march the same morning at 9 AM.

(4) The then Defence Minister George Fernandes was in Ahmedabad at 2-00 Am on 1st March on Modi's request and was bravely on Ahmedabad's streets that morning (1st March) at a great personal risk.

(5) The Army units, frantically called by the Chief Minister - Narendra Modi, started arriving in Ahmedabad. This shows that some Army units reached Ahmedabad so quickly on Feb 28.

(6) Out of 18,600 villages, 240 towns and 25 district headquarters, hardly 60 places saw riots.

(7) In the first three days, Gujarat police shot dead 98 rioters - majority of whom were Hindus. On 1st March, At least 10 people have been killed in police firing in Ahmedabad alone by evening (of Feb 28). Police shot dead 20 people in Gujarat out of which 12 in Ahmedabad on 1st March. 77 more people have been killed in Police/Army firing on 2nd March.

(8) Contrary to popular belief that only Muslims have been affected in the recent riots, more than 10,000 people belonging to the Hindu community had also become homeless.

(9) Hindu victims in Ahmedabad were not only homeless but they did not even have relief camps to live in, and hence had to live in temples.

(10) A series of attacks by Muslims on policemen had further added to mutual lack of faith. Now strapped with the anti-Muslim label, the was slow in acting against Muslim fanatics.

(11) Gujarat police saved 2,500 Muslims from certain death in Sanjeli, North Gujarat on 1st March 2002. Like Sanjeli, 5,000 Muslims were also saved in Bodeli town in Vadodara district by the police and Thousands of Muslims were also saved in Viramgam town from 15,000 armed Hindus by police and the Army.

(12) Throughout Gujarat riots, there are only two instances of real anti-Muslim riots-The Ehsan Jafri case and the Naroda Patiya case. In the Ehsan Jafri case, the police shot dead 5 Hindus outside his house and saved the lives of more than 200 Muslims. There were 250 people inside Jafri's house and the mob killed 39 - with police saving more than 200 - despite being overwhelmingly numbered by the rioters who were more than 10,000.

(13) There have been 4 convictions of Muslims for rioting after Godhra and Muslims were given various sentences. 4 Muslims were convicted by a Vadodara fast track court on 16 October 2003 and given life imprisonment. Ex-Vadodara Deputy Mayor and Congress leader Nisar Bapu was acquitted, but his son and son-in-law were convicted. 9 and 7 Muslims were convicted in two separate judgments on 18 and 28 March 2006 by fast track courts in Ahmedabad. The conviction of Muslims proves that Muslims were equally on the offensive.

The state government handled the riots effeciently and controlled them in 3 days, while riots continued in Gujarat for 6 months in 1969 and 1985 under Congress rule in which close to 10,000 people each were killed.The anti-sikh riots saw a large number of Sikhs getting killed by congress workers but not even a single contress worker was killed, why ?

These are some of the hard facts continuously ignored by main stream media.

Message : Regardless of our faith, most of us indians belong to the same one of the oldest continuous civilization which is Indus Valley civilization. Changing your faith does not make you change your real identity.So, next time, before you be fanatic toward certain faiths,be remembered of being a civilian of Indus Valley Civilization.

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