Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why ISRAEL is almost UNTOUCHABLE, even by USA.

OK, lets start with the Federal Reserve of USA because it is a backbone of everything in the world.

Federal Reserve of USA :
  • Also known as Central Bank of USA.
  • It is a biggest Private Corporation in the world (It is not Government Institution as lot of people are under the impression of).
  • It does not come under any Government Law, So Government has no legal authority to regulate it.
  • It makes its OWN POLICIES.
  • It has POWER TO PRINT Unlimited Money (Almost).
  • Take US Dollar Note for example, It has "Federal Reserve Note" written on it. Which means the paper money belongs to the Federal Reserve and not the US Government.
  • Federal Reserve loans these Paper Money to US Government on Interest. Which means every note it prints is a Debt on US Government and in turn that Debt comes on to the common man to repay. So, in the end of the day, US Govt. and Common Man are Liable to pay Original Money + Interest back to Federal Reserve. So, Paper Money is a Burden on Govt. and Common Man.
Now, lets see who controls this "Federal Reserve" :
  • It was founded in 1913.
  • 4 MEN are the main founders as below : 
          (1) J D Rockefeller
          (2) J P Morgan
          (3) Paul Warburg
          (4) Rothschild

OK, now lets see the Religious Faith and Power of these 4 men :

(1) J D Rockefeller and Family
Faith : Jewish

(2) J P Morgan and Family
Faith : Still a mystery

(3) Paul Warburg
Faith : Jewish

(4) Baron Rothschild
Faith : Jewish

All combined wealth and power : It is believed to be in Trillions of dollars (Don't get confused with the wealth they show in any magazine or media). This is one of the Elite groups which control almost everything from Media to Governments not only in USA but almost all Countries. These are the main players who had a very big role in creating a separate Israel country. Jews have had and still have a very high influence on Federal Reserve of USA, Wall Street and so, on the US Government (Don't forget that these Presidents are just puppets put in place by these Giants. Jews don't just have influence but they are more than that. We will talk more about this later). So, in short, they control the Flaw of Money, Flaw of Money controls everything including the Govt.

So, these Elite groups control the Federal Reserve of USA, Federal Reserve of USA controls the Wall Street, Wall Street controls the US Government, US Government controls the Whole World.

That is why, ISRAEL is untouchable.

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