Thursday, December 23, 2010

CNN-IBN accusing Modi of attempting an image make-over

On Dec 22, 2010, CNN-IBN carries an article(original source) saying "Modi's book an attempt at image make-over?"

The bais minded article was in response to Modi's Book launch on Climate Change.The author says that by writting on Climate Change, Hindu hardliner-Modi is attempting an image make-over.Ok, so let's talk about CNN-IBN and Media first.

CNN-IBN twitter/comment fiasco (article) ! Remember ?
Ok,so,let us remind CNN-IBN of recent twitter/comment fiasco where Rajdeep Sardesai had to tender an apology for it.An apology ? yes, thats what I call an image make-over when you commit a crime and try to cover up.

Nira Radia tapes ! Remember ?
In Nira Radia Scandal, our beloved Media brothers/sisters are caught red handed for lobbying/favoring parties.So, for cover up, Rajdeep and other media people got together in "Media's Guild" program and started explaing about media ethics and etc etc.Some media houses even organized some discussions as well to prove their innocence.So, thats what we call an image make-over when you oraganize these kind of disscussions to cover up your guilt and fool common man more.

Narendra Modi trying for image make-over ! Really ?
(1)This is the same Modi who went underground and fought for Media and common-man in 1974-1977,when Indira Gandhi declared emergency to shut Media houses so that the later don't expose more scams of the congress party.And this is the same Media who has been continuosly trying to haunt Modi down by abusing anyway they like for past 8 years without success.

(2)This is the same Media who just gave a patethic applogy or kind of disscussion to cover up its face,when they were caught red handed in Nira Radia Scandal.How would they feel if somebody will start haunting them down for next 8 years with fierce attack and abuse continuosly.

(3)I think, somebody really needs to teach CNN-IBN the difference between "Image Make-Over" and "Dynamic".Modi is a dynamic leader who has proved time and again and does not need an lousy image make-over.

(4)For Modi,action speaks louder than words but in case of Media, words speak louder than action - The media poeple kicking and screeming in the studio.Thats why the word "Fair Trail" has been replaced by the "Media Trial".

(5)Media is in big trouble because its bread earner "Modi" has been acqitted from all charges.I don't know what is Media gonna do ? Who will be the next traget ? YOU ?

Note : Long before, there was a Hindutan Times summit in which Rajdeep asked Modi whether the later was attempting an image make-over in the name of development.And, now, once again his colleague did the samething by accusing Modi attempting an image makeover in the name of climate change. I think CNN-IBN is suffering from "Image Make-Over" syndrome and its English dictionary points them to the same word "Image Makeover" again and again.I think its time to gift them a new English dictionary in which words and definations are loud and clear.

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  1. Whatever be the case, to please their political bosses MSM will always discredit BJP and Modi specially.
    Only time will change the scene