Thursday, December 30, 2010

Barkha Dutt - Last nail in the coffin

OK, we all saw big drama in past 30 days regarding Nira Radia tapes in which if somebody got stung more than anybody then it was journalists. We saw people blaming journalists and the later defending back to save their image. Among all of these accused, Barkha Dutt was a highly controversial figure. They even organized a discussion between senior journalists and Barkha Dutt in which Barkha had to answer questions and defend herself. Some part of the show was total chaos and people could not get anything out of the discussion between Manu Joseph and Barkha Dutt. At the end of the show, many people even gave her a "Acquitted" certificate because of a benefit of doubt. Now, "Benefit of Doubt" illusion soon is going to be vanished.

First, we will see what she said in her first time defense.

"I did not pass any judgement or act as a go between... Did you confirm with Gulam Nabi Azad whether I contacted him ?...An error of judgement for not publishing news regarding Nira Radia lobbying for DMK and Congress..."

Now, lets see excerpt from one of the new tapes where Barkha Dutt is being referenced. In the tape, Nira Radia is talking to R K Chandolia. Below is the excerpt from the tape.

"Journalists played a key role, says Radia. “Congress ne to statement Thank God issue kar diya. Barkha ne karwaa liyaa us se.” The guy confirms the statement. "Haan woh to maine dekh liya. aa gayaa naa Manish Tewari kaa". Radia is busy speaking to a “minister” at “2 o' clock” lobbying for Raja."

Here is the original audio tape

Now, in the above conversation, we can clearly see that she indeed talked to Congress people and because of which Manish Tiwari had issued a public statement. I wonder why there is no discussion on the issue anymore when we have clear evidence of lobbying/brokering. I think, to close this case like "Jesicca Murder" and "Arushi Murder", they will title it "No one did power brokering". Anyways, it does not require "Rocket Science" to know the truth, at least in this case.

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  1. In my opinion Barkha will get away free. Let us not forget, she was doing all this with the ruling party and it's blessings.