Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sonia Gandhi's lie goes unnoticed in Main Stream Media

In a recent wikileaks cable, it is mentioned that how sonia gandhi opened up herself to California's first lady Maria Shriver and had a candid chat about lot of things.

In this chat, Sonia Gandhi mentions about how she turned down the PM post in 2004 and did not regret about it and felt better when somebody became PM.

Here is the excerpt of the Wikileaks cable(original source):

Turning Down the PM Spot

5. (C)Mrs. Gandhi was reluctant to provide details regarding her decision to turn down the Prime Minister post after the UPA’s surprise 2004 electoral victory, stating that “I am often asked about this, but tell people that I will write a book someday with the whole story.” She would only say that she “felt better” that someone else became PM and “did not regret” her decision. Shriver congratulated Mrs. Gandhi for her resoluteness and described her as “courageous.” Clearly embarrassed by this adulation, Mrs. Gandhi made no response. She elaborated, at Karan Singh’s insistence, saying that she was under lots of pressure, as the “party workers” were “very upset.” They “could not understand” why she, as party President, was not taking up the post, since they had voted for her and won a majority.

Now, here is the truth on why Sonia Gandhi could not become PM in 2004:

On, May 15 2004, Dr.Subramaniam Swamy filed a petition in SC to challenge Sonia Gandhi's willingness to become PM in 2004.The reason to file a petition was that Sonia Gandhi was a conditional citizen of india in 2004 and under the law of constitution a person being a conditional citizen of india can not hold the hightest post of the country.And that is the reason SC had to disqualify his candidature for PM and she had to clear her way for Dr.Manmohan Singh to become PM.

I want to ask a very simple question to main stream media that why there are silent on this lie ?


  1. MSM will never ask any question to Sonia. They need govt support for advertising

  2. @BK Chowla.yes, correct. If you visit below link, you will come to know the whole picture.